Kartra Update June 2016

Hey Gang!

More news on the development and testing of Kartra, as well as some anticipated next milestones.

Let’s begin:

First, just wanted to drop this little comment in here:


That makes us super happy to hear.

And yet progress continues…

Kartra Development Status

As we speak, most key elements of Karta are 100% active.

Here’s a list of what’s working and what’s being tweaked:

  • Kartra Page Publishing – Stage A of Pages is Live – Advanced Pages anticipated in 2-3 weeks.
  • Kartra Email Capture – Live
  • Kartra Squeeze Page Builder – Development Nearly Complete
  • Kartra Email Sequencing, Campaign Building, and Lead Automations – Live
  • Kartra Visual, Drag-and-Drop Sequence Builder – In Development
  • Kartra Video – Live
  • Kartra Cart – Live (New “Check Out” Templates being released soon)
  • Transactions – Live
  • Kartra Affiliate Module – Live (Affiliate Contest Module for Sales and Opt-ins In Development)
  • Kartra Analytics – Live
  • Kartra Membership Sites – Live, Active QC (Quality Control) Testing – Adding New Skins Soon
  • Kartra Help Desk – In Development
  • Kartra API – In Development
  • Kartra Intelligence – In Development
  • Kartra Surveys – In Development

Yes, Kartra Alpha has been sending thousands of emails per day, and is processing real transactions.

Kartra Active Tweaks

User Interface

We’re streamlining and “Idiot Proofing” many key aspects of the Interface.  For example, we’re making sure you don’t lose your configuration work if you accidentally close a page or hit the back button while you’re setting something up.

External Email List Import

We’ve been working on our Email List Import Policies and Functions – we hope to eventually create an automated, Self-Service external email import feature for list sizes under a certain threshold. This import feature will scrub the list against a massive “Black” list of known spam, toxic, and dead email addresses, as well as do instant checks against the validity of the email address.  It’s pretty sweet, and will result in super clean lists and thus, increased overall deliverability rates.

Email Automations and Sequencing

The function of automating your email follow-up sequences based on your prospects behavior continues to become more and more impressive – at this point surpassing most or perhaps all other behavioral reactive systems currently on the market.

In addition to global lead status overrides (i.e. at ANY time one of your leads meets a certain criteria, you can trigger an action), we’re also in final development of a Drag and Drop Sequence Builder that will let you visualize your campaign and create sophisticated follow-up sequences to cover every potential prospect behavior.

Kartra Pages

This department gets stronger every day.  Because of the concept that “Kartra KNOWS” the status of the visitors that are engaging with a page, we’re now adding specific “Objects” that can trigger to display images, copy, and offers depending on the status of the visitor.

Further, the page styles continue to expand – one goal is to once and for all END the reign of horribly ugly check out pages by incorporating secure checkout forms into the core of Kartra’s page building.

New Features in Development

Kartra Intelligence (You thought Kartra “knew” a lot before…?  The game has just changed)

Leveraging the availability of “Big Data”, Kartra Intelligence will be able to create complete profiles of your email subscribers from a variety of online data sources.

For example, with a single email address, Kartra Intelligence will be able to discover that person’s: Facebook Account, Twitter Account, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, Etc.  From that data, Kartra Intelligence will assemble a profile that includes Demographic Information, including Age, Gender, Education, Geographic Location, and Income Range.

Additionally, through a deep crawl through that prospects public social media engagement, Kartra Intelligence will define “Affinity Scores” for a specific category of interests and activities.

For example, if your prospect discusses old Chevy Corvette in their tweets, or news feeds, or posts pictures of the same, an “Affinity Score” of some value will be assigned to a “Classic Cars” category.

Now, using a combination of Kartra Intelligence and Kartra Sequences, any time you capture a lead that has an Affinity Score above a certain number (i.e. Classic Cars Affinity Score is greater than 5), you can trigger a series of events to occur, including presenting that lead with custom content, a different email follow-up campaign, play back different videos, etc.

Here’s another example – you can set this logic up in Kartra…

IF lead IS INTERESTED in “Organic Food” THEN auto subscribe lead to “Healthy Lifestyle Living” mailing list.

Kartra already lets you treat your prospects in a custom way according to their behavior.  Now, with the combination of Kartra’s Sequences and Kartra Intelligence, you can completely customize their engagement according to data that you’ll have full access to.

Yeah – this is one of those OMG features.

Kartra Surveys

Surveys have obvious value to business owners and marketers.  They can be used to truly engage the market and achieve data that can literally guide the path your business takes.  They can also be used to create a compelling Squeeze Page engagement, and allow you to pre-frame the value of your content simply because of the questions that you ask.

Of course, Kartra Surveys will allow for those uses, but with one critical enhancement:

The survey answers become part of the prospect’s profile.

So once again, Kartra has even MORE data to help you address your prospects SPECIFIC needs.  Imagine, simply deploying a survey asking the prospects skill level, say Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert – and then being able to serve content specific to that prospects skill level.

In our case, we intend to survey potential Kartra customers and ask them what current marketing services they already use.  Armed with that information, we can then construct an automated follow-up campaign that prioritizes each of the Kartra Features that they could use to replace their current solution (i.e. “Here’s why Kartra Help Desk with Live Chat is what you want your next Help Desk to be”…)

The possibilities here are truly mind-boggling.

The Road Ahead

The Next Major Milestone for Kartra Development involves something called Database Sharding.  This is a process where we allow for dynamic responses to user generated server load by spreading our databases functions across several different physical and virtualized servers.

It also has the net effect of increasing our fundamental data security, and it allows us to roll out incremental changes and tweaks of Kartra to a limited user base for real-world testing, instead of publishing a fix and hoping it doesn’t crash the entire application.

We anticipate being ready to move into this 2nd Phase of Alpha testing in Mid July – just six weeks from now.

Finally, we here at Genesis Digital are starting to eat our own dog food.  Over the past several weeks, we have begun incremental migration away from our previous set of eCommerce platforms and fully into Kartra.  In other words, we are going to put all of our operations, sales, and marketing into the hands of Kartra.  So, you’ll likely start seeing new and interesting things happen because of Kartra’s capabilities.

Plus, we might want to show off just a little bit.

Thanks very much for your attention!   And over the next few updates, we’ll start to include some screenshots of the application interface, now that we’re finally locking down the look and feel of the app.

Looking forward to speaking to you about the next phase of Kartra!


Andy Jenkins
CEO, Genesis Digital, LLC.

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  • David

    I NEED Kartra NOW!

  • John

    Awesome thanks for the update guys. I’m so ready for this! Will you be hooking up your loyal fans with some sweet pricing after beta? 🙂

  • David

    Sounds fantastic…can’t wait for it!

  • Paul Saunders

    This is what I have been searching for what is the timeline I want to take this into the music industry – please give me any data as to the release date

  • Agree with @Jason Anderson — I’ve found the Alpha to be amazing and only stubbed my toe a couple of times! I expected a lot, and it’s FAR more powerful than I anticipated!!!

  • Paul Saunders

    Hi I would so love to get access to this platform now as I am launching a new service in the music industry and all the artists I work with would us this too so I can see the platform as well as use it – let me know how I can get access early

  • David

    I’ve been waiting over a year for Kartra! Surely there must be some kind of timeline now? When can we expect general availability…or even beta?