“Two is One, and One is None”

Why Genesis Digital Hired Two Vendors to Make the Sequel to WebinarJam Studio

Genesis Digital hit the market with a bang in 2013 with the release of the hit broadcast software, WebinarJam. In 2015, they followed up this success with the much-improved WebinarJam Studio (WJS). WJS, based on proven Google technology, has been a runaway success — recently bringing their 30,000th subscriber on board.

But what about the customers who want to choose their own Content Delivery Network (CDN)? The folks who don’t want YouTube or Google branding on their broadcasts? The people who want near-realtime performance? High Def quality?

Yes, it’s time for a new, improved WebinarJam.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Genesis Digital has a top-notch in-house development team. But for an ambitious project like this, and because they want it available as soon as possible, they decided to find the best WebRTC shop to create our new broadcast solution. Two of them, actually.

Why two? Read the full press release ย here:




What’s happening with Kartra? I’ve been on the early notification list for over a year, I’ve offered to be a beta tester, and I’ve heard nothing but crickets! When is this going to be released? When am I going to be sated?

Abhinav Gulyani

It would be amazing to get a timeline on when this will be released. Pretty excited and stocked on this new product that’s long due for release now ๐Ÿ˜‰


We’re headed toward Beta release soon and will be posting an official time line for everyone to keep you all informed! Thank you for your patience.


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